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Dealings with Fools

How many will I find...?

no need for a name; surely you've heard of me?
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Ramblings of the Inane
or, the diary of a dork

Mm, so there's something at the front of this thing, eh? Well, Maiden knows I'm not much for writing, so I'll let the girls dictate to Bre. But before I let 'em go at it, just a bit about me, I suppose. Bre'll be exaggerating everything, anyhow...

Name's Asuka. I hold my alcohol better than you, I can kill you with water in a second if I want, and no, you're not gonna know anything else about me.

Now, then. Have fun, girls. ♥

What a fool. I suppose I'll humour him a bit...

'kay. So. This~ is 'Suka's! 'Nd 'Suka is our big brother. He's suuuuuuuper special 'cause he's got Water! And water is suuuuuuuper~ special in Desuya, ne~? Which makes him even specialler--he's already~ special 'cause he's our big brother! (Put a heart there, Bre, please?, put a heart!) ♥~


He's gonna be leaving us, soon, though, so if any of you who read this meet him, be nice! 'Kay~?

♥♥ Veìa & Noxia


And now for perhaps a more unbiased view of my brother--though I don't doubt I'll be hearing about this once Asuka actually reads it--or rather, if he reads it.

You're looking at the journal of one Asuka Citèis, more commonly known as the fool.
I'm too awesome to be a fool, Bre! He's an obnoxious jerk, as well, but please--no matter what he does, don't encourage him. Honestly--he gets more than enough encouragement at home; we don't need his ego to be inflating even more. What are you talking about? My ego is perfectly fine~! And I suppose I should also add that no matter how tempting it is, you really ought not to kill him. At least, not without letting us know, first.

What else should I say?

How about this? Asuka once got frozen to a table because he was hitting on his best friend~ while his little sister was standing right there~ hah, Cel. Stroke of genius! He still sulks over that...

...ouch. I was right when I said I'd be getting it once Asuka read this. That really hurt...


About this Journal

Asuka Citèis is a fictional character, played by Adalia (or Addy, if you so choose) for the RP unpredicted. You take him, I kill you dead, got it? We're talking stabby-stab with a spork or something. ♥

More information on Asuka--the real Asuka, not his silly brother's prejudices or his sisters' praises--can be found here.
Information on Desuya--the land Asuka comes from, a separate country from the Kingdom of Modgnik--can be found here.
Like Asuka? Want to see more? :P Drabbles can be found here! </shameless plugging>

Asuka © his player, 2006-2007. >3 w00t.