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Dealings with Fools
How many will I find...?
11th-Feb-2007 04:03 pm - [entry: a] a note on the outside...
I thought the council said that this place didn't have a ceiling?

But when I was out last night, there sure as hell was one... but now there's not! The sky is out... and it's weird. Weird, how the sun here isn't near as harsh as at home...

Why~ are the people out right now, too? Don't they know~ that they're all gonna go insane if they stay out all day every day? Or do they think they're gonna outshine the sun and keep living on?

Feh. Fools.

Well... I guess if they can do that without all keeling over, maybe one of them will be able to help Nox.

I hope.


What the hell is up with the ceiling?
5th-Feb-2007 07:20 pm - [entry 0.00] information post
Information for my own benefit. :O

People that know about Desuya
• Prince Tamaki [imyourking] Prince of Modgnik
• Fay D. Flourite [blondebombspell] Prince Tamaki's Royal Advisor

• Lucifer [obsessedrebel] Leader of the opposing faction
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